Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Lighting and Automation Services

Upgrade your electrical systems with lighting and automation services from Direct Electric, Inc. in Santa Monica, California. Our other services include iron gate installation, cabling, and garage door services. For those who are looking for energy-saving services, we offer solar equipment including solar-powered gates.

Electrical Services

Fix issues with your electrical systems with our help. We are a C10 licensed company that offers troubleshooting and repairs for breakers, panes, lighting, and printing presses. Our certified technicians are available to provide over-the-phone advice and troubleshooting. If needed, we send a professional to your location diagnose and repair any issues you may have.

Iron Gates

Add an extra level of security to your home or business with our iron and chain link gates. We install and repair gates with swinging, rolling, or pedestrian doors. Our experts are able to install gates at your driveways and walkways with features like key card access, wireless entry phones, keypads, transmitters, and
remote access.

Parking Lot Lighting

Keep your customers and employees safe with parking lot lighting. We have lift trucks that allows us to replace and upgrade your lighting to LED lights. This service is perfect for car lots, businesses, and dealerships.

Industrial Automation Repairs

Recover from production-halting problems quickly. We provide service and repair for industrial printing presses. Our repairs include all equipment needed for the job like electrical supplies, self-power supplies, motor drives, PLCs and automated equipment.

Request more information about our lighting and automation services by contacting us in Santa Monica, California.